I worked on the product branding, and designed the retail packaging, for a dual line of SHERRILLtree products. The duality of the product offering was professional grade versus Do-It-Yourself. The product branding consisted of product naming, color-ways, and application of the SHERRILLtree logo on the products. The packaging portion of the project was mostly direction of the look and feel.

The challenge of this project was the duality aspect. I had to develop aesthetics that were clearly different, yet still had consistent SHERRILLtree branding.
I accomplished the unique look by using two different color palettes and by branding the entire pro line under the Legacy sub-brand. The consistency was achieved by including the main SHERRILLtree brand color in both color palettes, and by placing the design elements in the same positioned across both lines.
We did a visual test of our packaging to see how we compared against competitors in the same categories.
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