Victory Refrigeration
Design concept, pagination, layout production, content management, print sourcing, press management, distribution and warehousing
Victory catalog built from scratch with new branding look and feel, new images and greatly improved presentation of the product lines.
Three distinct spread types were designed, to best showcase the product categories, product line features, and specifications.
The organization of the book was redone to improve the product groupings and flow of the catalog.
Spot UV finish on the cover and throughout the body give this catalog the high-end feel to match the high-end units showcased within.
Design concepts, photo concepts, infographic development, process consultation, 
I consulted on SafeWaze's 2021 catalog, providing guidance on the overall project scope of catalog creation, as this was a new undertaking for their team.
I developed design concepts for various types of spreads as well as various design aesthetics which they could apply to their other collateral as well. I developed a series of icons to quickly communicate various info.
I provided guidance on photography styling to match the design spreads. 
Design concept, pagination, layout production, content management, photography direction, illustration direction, print sourcing, press management and distribution
I designed SherrillTree's monthly and annual catalogs for almost 20 years. The oversaw the entire process from start to finish.
Design, content creation and direction, photo sourcing, split-runs on press to create branded versions of the catalog for dealers, mail list management and fulfillment. 
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