The prospective dealers targeted in this mailing are used to receiving a large amount of solicitations from product vendors, so we decided to send our message in impossible-to-ignore packaging.
The group of potential dealers we designated as high-potential received a large box containing a saw blade from one of the Silky saws we were pitching. What was missing was the handle that goes with the saw blade. The messaging played off the missing handle, encouraging the dealers to contact us to receive the handle and learn more about the Silky saw line.
The entire box was designed to promote the Silky brand. Even when the insert that holds the blade is removed, there's more messaging to be seen.
The second group of dealers that were considered medium-potential received a poster tube in the mail, with messaging about the quality and profitabilty of being a Silky dealer.
The postal tubes were wrapped with our URL for Silky, and the ended were given a treatment so they appeared to have been sawed off.
The posters were die-cut and inserted in a way so they'd also appear to have been sawed off.
The blade box had a response rate over 80%, and the poster tube was almost %50. The amount of dealers signed up was not nearly as high as the response percentages, but it did lay some groundwork, and Silky saws can be found on Cabella's website.
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